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But what I really got from Mobile Mondays

Was the actual killer meta-data. This is maybe what Danny’s reference might have meant when it said context – social context. It could just be the facebook and now google open-social-networking tool trend driven thing. But I am taking the bait. Not that I am game to let google know anything. But it is ‘open’.

This may have been the half-premise that 80% of content has a geo-spatial context. More like a here, now and who I am with context. Mark was interesting – most of his chat is on his page.

N95 has some sort of motion sensor which could make it into wii controller and ‘dvd quality video’ – 640×480 I think – which is not going do it for Dave who only does HD. But ‘being there’ says a lot.

I learn’t a new word – was it hyperbonic? To mean content that is user-generated, has a high level of currency and placed contextually within your social group. Could have been hyperbolic – but doesn’t fit.

I also want to make my own grid telephone network. Maybe if I shove the baked-beans tin on a stick on my telephone it will obsolete the carriers?

pay-pal on phones – ahh maybe – but someone would have to pay.

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