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Web 2.0 is bad now …

And we’ve lucklily already moved beyond web 2.0 since,

“In case you weren’t paying attention to what is cool and what isn’t lately, Web 2.0 is now bad. I can understand how you might be distracted by record stock prices by Google, impressive market expansion by Apple and steady barrage of Web 2.0 startups and tools that make technical life easier, but I’m here to tell you that Web 2.0 is bad, and you better get on board with that or get left behind.

I should have commented on this a couple weeks ago when Steve Rubel blithely declared us all “skunk drunk on our own kool-aid,” I think it was (after which, nearly everyone who makes a living reporting on Web 2.0 seemed to be in various levels of agreement with him, and that a huge tech bust is coming soon to a startup near you). I should have, so I could assuage my conscience telling me now I didn’t yell loud enough that I find it silly and arrogant for those that make good money in tech and Web 2.0 to suddenly become amateur economists, and insanely predict the death of the progress of technology.

I didn’t comment, and I regret it. What I privately predicted to my friends after reading the deluge of “sky is falling” me-toos from Rubelites is coming true: VCs are also pronouncing Web 2.0 dead.”

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