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The breadth of the questions in my head has stopped growing, so dumping them all now. These may or may not be related. Just thinking out loud…in no particular order:

  • What are the constraints on thinking? (Short list: metaphor, language, culture, semantics)
  • Why did I become interested in privilege and intersectionality?
  • Why have I become interested in innovation as a thing in its own right? (As opposed to being interested in it as a tool to achieve some other end — eg launch a business)
  • Why have I come back to intellectual property as something of interest?
  • What is it about the philosophy of science, the “science of science” and systemic scientific failures that keeps grabbing my attention?
  • Why, again, am I interested in cross-discipline research as a thing in its own right? Have I gone full-meta?
  • What are the constraints on problem solving, especially big problems? What is it that links Silicon Valley Technology Entrepreneurship, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, and our missing moon landing?
  • What is it about start-up incubators that makes me want to help build one?
  • “Research takes time.” Why? I mean, why exactly?
  • What is the value of diversity? What axes matter? What are my motivations for wanting to promote it?
  • Why do I see the distorting effects of KPIs everywhere… am I seeing what I place there myself?
  • Why have I linked Systems Thinking, lean manufacturing, agile software development and Japanese management and what nuances have I missed in doing that?

These are just the work related ones.

No wonder I’m having trouble sleeping. :)

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