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Bruce’s Magic Spell

At my first (real) job my boss, Bruce, had a little ritual which I thought funny at the time. After editing his code for a little while, he would kick off a compile & test cycle. While this was running, he’d wave his twinkling fingers over the keyboard and solemnly chant Tuuuuuurn toooooooo shiiiiiiiiit. And…

Stray Question: Water

Assume I have a steel box of fixed size. I fill the box completely with water, at room temperature. I then place the steel box inside a freezer for 24 hours. Assuming the steel box remains intact and at its initial fixed size, does the water freeze? If it cannot expand, can it freeze? What…

Rough Cut: Code aesthetics as a design consideration

From GNU sed 4.2.2 released, and a rant from the maintainer, and apparently quoting Richard Stallman: We [the FSF] still prefer C to C++, because C++ is so ugly The aesthetics of programming languages as an influencing factor in choosing which ones to use is relatively recent. Ten years ago I don’t think I ever…

xkcd: Instagram

Popular web comic xkcd reminds us about Instagram. He’s quite right. First cab off the rank for Operation: No More Freebies is Instagram. I’ve deleted my account today.

Updating my Web Presence

Really not sure what’s prompted this stocktake. Maybe it’s just that time of year. Or it’s because it’s time to consolidate and stop relying so much on all these free services (free software, as in libre, is fine… free services however is another way of saying “productising myself so that others may sell me“). So…

ATP at Eveleigh

Questions & Threads

The breadth of the questions in my head has stopped growing, so dumping them all now. These may or may not be related. Just thinking out loud…in no particular order: What are the constraints on thinking? (Short list: metaphor, language, culture, semantics) Why did I become interested in privilege and intersectionality? Why have I become interested…

Is it possible to improve understanding & communication independently?

Brain dump again. It may or may not make sense in hindsight. We (the people) seem to do a terrible job of understanding each other. All our communication methods are “lossy”, in that information is lost in both the encoding & decoding processes. The act of listening actively alters the content of the message. And…

Protected: Kids


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