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Constraints on Thinking

Thinking out loud here. This is a rough cut. What are the constraints on thinking and solving? Metaphors, particularly un-acknowledged metaphors. Language itself, where concepts not expressible in our language are beyond our ken or ability to reason. For example, the lack of a French word for “like” (as in “I like ponies”). Semantics, where…


Test Podcast Post

Here’s a Podcast test. The content from is Radio National’s show on innovation (24 August 2011).

Personal Podcast Feed

This is my personal podcast feed. For video and audio that I’ve “saved for later” but that’s not already in podcast format. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe using RSS2 Note: Actual publication date for this post was 31 December 2012, but I’ve back dated it for post sorting reasons. And also, it’s a test.

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Harbour

Wikia Search Online

The HiveMind is giving a big thumbs down. TechCrunch review.

Now why didn’t I think of that?

Part of my love-hate relationship with the Internet. This is why Twitter was invented.

How long before Web 10.0?

This just in: Web 2.0 is over, Web 4.0 has been called and Dave Winer is worth reading (even if Geoff has given up).

Web 2.0 is officially dead

Mark Hopkins over at Mashable has written up an article summarising the “web 2.o is dead” sentiments being expressed. Apparently Kleiner Perkins has stated that it will not be investing in any more web 2.o startups. In his article In Case you Missed it, Web 2.0 is Bad Now he asks what the new buzzword…

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