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Sage Marcelo says JBOSS seam

Has something to do with bi-directional dependency injection.

But what I really got from Mobile Mondays

Was the actual killer meta-data. This is maybe what Danny’s reference might have meant when it said context – social context. It could just be the facebook and now google open-social-networking tool trend driven thing. But I am taking the bait. Not that I am game to let google know anything. But it is ‘open’.…

And I learnt that the number of phones in

in the world got to 3b. 2.7b unique subscribers. More people in some places got their first (and possibly last?) web-experience on the phone than using more traditional means. Further exponential growth in numbers is predicted.

Microsoft tried to kill java but Fedora did it

I understand why gcj was made when I try to use Sun’s web-site and find a particular version of java that is needed. Navigating around the plethora of ‘latest and greatest’ to find a v5 is a pain. I tried the java-compatible stuff for a while, including eclipse. It looks like it might work –…

Shonky’s Maps

Well I just ordered a GPS. Downloading the shonky maps. I guess I have to go and see the map shop at lands dept to see what else they have got. Get the better topo-data for Blue mts. Maybe the whole GPS thing obsoletes the idea of trying to print the Lands topo on plastic…

Mobile Mondays

Small-screen-users-group. Happening on Monday @ 6:30.

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