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At least you can’t accuse the Greens of a me-too approach …

And if that is not enough to make you chuckle there is always LOLPOL over at Flickr

Google payment patent?

Why has Google engineer Ramy Dodin applied for a patent that is for payment processing? As per his patent application for: “A computer-implemented method of effectuating an electronic on-line payment includes receiving at a computer server system a text message from a payor containing a payment request representing a payment amount sent by a payor…

Too funny – Open Social Hacked Again!

This is so funny – Open Social hacked again, more over at Techcrunch

Month Names?

Dan has recently commenced referring to months by their advertising or cause name – thus October has become ‘Rocktober’, November has become ‘Movember’. This got me thinking what other names of months have been hijacked for a cause or an ad? I did see a dress shop with ‘Frocktober’ in the window.

Web 2.0 is bad now …

And we’ve lucklily already moved beyond web 2.0 since, “In case you weren’t paying attention to what is cool and what isn’t lately, Web 2.0 is now bad. I can understand how you might be distracted by record stock prices by Google, impressive market expansion by Apple and steady barrage of Web 2.0 startups and…

here at last

finally I get to blog with the boyz!

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