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Web 2.0 is officially dead

Mark Hopkins over at Mashable has written up an article summarising the “web 2.o is dead” sentiments being expressed. Apparently Kleiner Perkins has stated that it will not be investing in any more web 2.o startups.

In his article In Case you Missed it, Web 2.0 is Bad Now he asks what the new buzzword phrase might be that could replace “web 2.0″ now that the phrase is on the nose with VCs.

Since everyone is so scared of getting caught out hyping another tech bubble it won’t be too long for the public skepticism to spread.

Month Names?

Dan has recently commenced referring to months by their advertising or cause name – thus October has become ‘Rocktober’, November has become ‘Movember’. This got me thinking what other names of months have been hijacked for a cause or an ad? I did see a dress shop with ‘Frocktober’ in the window.

Sage Marcelo says JBOSS seam

Has something to do with bi-directional dependency injection.

Web 2.0 is bad now …

And we’ve lucklily already moved beyond web 2.0 since,

“In case you weren’t paying attention to what is cool and what isn’t lately, Web 2.0 is now bad. I can understand how you might be distracted by record stock prices by Google, impressive market expansion by Apple and steady barrage of Web 2.0 startups and tools that make technical life easier, but I’m here to tell you that Web 2.0 is bad, and you better get on board with that or get left behind.

I should have commented on this a couple weeks ago when Steve Rubel blithely declared us all “skunk drunk on our own kool-aid,” I think it was (after which, nearly everyone who makes a living reporting on Web 2.0 seemed to be in various levels of agreement with him, and that a huge tech bust is coming soon to a startup near you). I should have, so I could assuage my conscience telling me now I didn’t yell loud enough that I find it silly and arrogant for those that make good money in tech and Web 2.0 to suddenly become amateur economists, and insanely predict the death of the progress of technology.

I didn’t comment, and I regret it. What I privately predicted to my friends after reading the deluge of “sky is falling” me-toos from Rubelites is coming true: VCs are also pronouncing Web 2.0 dead.”

Wicket away

I can see why it is appealing – look at that panda.

But what I really got from Mobile Mondays

Was the actual killer meta-data. This is maybe what Danny’s reference might have meant when it said context – social context. It could just be the facebook and now google open-social-networking tool trend driven thing. But I am taking the bait. Not that I am game to let google know anything. But it is ‘open’.

This may have been the half-premise that 80% of content has a geo-spatial context. More like a here, now and who I am with context. Mark was interesting – most of his chat is on his page.

N95 has some sort of motion sensor which could make it into wii controller and ‘dvd quality video’ – 640×480 I think – which is not going do it for Dave who only does HD. But ‘being there’ says a lot.

I learn’t a new word – was it hyperbonic? To mean content that is user-generated, has a high level of currency and placed contextually within your social group. Could have been hyperbolic – but doesn’t fit.

I also want to make my own grid telephone network. Maybe if I shove the baked-beans tin on a stick on my telephone it will obsolete the carriers?

pay-pal on phones – ahh maybe – but someone would have to pay.


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