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And I learnt that the number of phones in

in the world got to 3b. 2.7b unique subscribers.

More people in some places got their first (and possibly last?) web-experience on the phone than using more traditional means.

Further exponential growth in numbers is predicted.

Microsoft tried to kill java but Fedora did it

I understand why gcj was made when I try to use Sun’s web-site and find a particular version of java that is needed. Navigating around the plethora of ‘latest and greatest’ to find a v5 is a pain.

I tried the java-compatible stuff for a while, including eclipse. It looks like it might work – but spending a few minutes thinking about it and 2 days this week sussing what minor point releases of libraries is causing my websphere portlet to die – makes it obvious why it won’t any time soon.

There is no 64 firefox plugin for java (due SE7). gcj does not help there though – so it does not provide an answer.

My real pain is in getting eclipse working under linux. Exactly like this:
It did work when I installed the machine. Maybe I did something stupid like ‘clean-up’ obsolete looking 32bit libraries – although I think I have put them all back. Maybe it is one of the gigabyte a month updates I applied to fc7. It would not be an eclipse plugin as I have started again. I tried java 6, java 5 32 and 64.

Upshot is that after spending half a day trying it on linux, I am now hacking around on Windows. I blame fragmentation – which could-possibly-but-didn’t give me the opportunity to fix one thing, and has created enough confusion to beat me. Stick to 32bit windows and only use 3Gb of the 4Gb on the machine -lah-de-dah.

Shonky’s Maps

Well I just ordered a GPS. Downloading the shonky maps. I guess I have to go and see the map shop at lands dept to see what else they have got. Get the better topo-data for Blue mts.

Maybe the whole GPS thing obsoletes the idea of trying to print the Lands topo on plastic sheet like they do in the U.S. Screen size is still 176×220 v whatever a printed a0 map is.

Mobile Mondays

Small-screen-users-group. Happening on Monday @ 6:30.

Mason MVC

#1 Mini MVC as below:

#2 Jifty
Schema defined as an inline-perl-hash – now that is my kind of schema writing… What does it do? Ummm – creates a wiki. Guess that it would provide a framework with minor disruption/transition path. I guess it needs to pass the ‘able to be maintained by man-on-street’ test.


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