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Web 3.0

Well web2.0 worked for me. For someone who spends 10+ hours a day making web-sites I could not imagine actually visiting another web-site just for (blogger?). After using facebook to giving cans of virtual beer (?) at my mother-in-law, then I guess the term 2.0 is working. So someone has to start marking out 3.0 space.

Odd that search and brute meta-sources are coming into. I remember Tim Berners Lee banging out about semantic web in www7 last century. And there is the meta-data that won’t die. I guess that richer meta-data is really what made google work – just not in the way that most people thought it would with their massive hierarchical thesauri of terms. So what is the next ‘killer meta-data’?

Frameworks and silver bullets

Frameworks are what have been going around in my head lately. Met the old ‘octopus’ problem again this week in WebSphere. ie you have all these applications and all of these web-services. Example is an application that provisions other applications – each one has a different set of controlled values which are stored in the remote applications (properly).
Problem does not seem to be any easier than it was in the old ‘hack it together with korn shell days’.


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